Daily Summary – July 29

Hi guys, here is the recap of what our amazing team has done for the project!

1. White Paper has been released.
2. Promo is ongoing:
– Crypto Pablo: Video Link
– BabyADA Shill Army has been formed! (Shill Team 6)
3. Passed our first audit:
4. More than 109k ADAs have been distributed to Baby ADA holders since launch.

Looking forward:
1. Website Revamp (Draft has been done)
2. More Promotions
– Twitter
– YouTube
– AMAs
– Group Shilling
3. Internal AMA with Dev (Within the next 48 hours)
4. Audit by Techrate

In the past few days, many of you have been concerned about the lack of volume for BabyADA on Pancakeswap. We want to let you know that low volume was created by BSC congestion, and all active projects on BSC are affecting by it.

Despite of the BSC congestion problem, our team has been working tirelessly for you and the project. We would like to ask you guys to be patient with us. Thank you for your understanding, and I am sure we will be mooning once the BSC is not congested.

In the meantime, we would recommend you to read the white paper so you will have a good understanding of what we are about.

Thank you, and moon soon!

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