BabyADA proposes an innovative feature in its contract: DIVIDEND YIELD PAID IN ADA!

With the auto-claim feature, simply hold BabyADA and you’ll receive ADA automatically in your wallet.

7% Redistribution in ADA

7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $BabyADA tokens, earn ADA. Minimum 200,000 tokens

Auto Paid every 60 mins

For the first time ever, you don’t need to claim your earned ADA. It’s automatically sent to your wallet after a minimal periode of 60 minutes.

3% Auto- LP Boost

3% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).

The BabyADA Goal

Our end goal is to not only launch our “family ADA” coins, but to create and Exchange and Launch pad that people can trust.

  • Transparent launch, with anti-bot messures
  • Open communications
  • Rug-proof messures

We aim to implement the same functions into our Launchpad so that the community can invest again feeling safe.

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Rewarding token holders with 7% reflections from transactions in ADA

Marketing Partners

  • Mad Joe’s MadLab
  • CryptoMonkey

Secure and safe

On the smart chain all user accounts safe and secure. We will never ask for your private keys.

low cost

Using the Binance smart chain to run the token will help keep the fees for transactions low.

Frequent payments

Rewards are auto-paid every hour with normal trading volume.

boosting liquidity

From every transaction 3% is used to keep the liquidity pool of the token healty.

Global trading

You can buy the token with bep20 bnb. Use your metamask or trustwallet to interact with a tradingprovider.


To avoid dumping there is a small sellers fee of 1% for people selling their token


How BabyADA tokens are allocated

Why Buy BabyADA?

7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $BabyADA tokens, earn ADA. Minimum 200,000 tokens

Fully audited by Rugbusters to keep the contract safe and secure for holders of the token.

BabyADA has a strong invested community that supports the project and works together with the team to increase the value of the token.

Safe and Secure

Locking liquidity and tokens to keep you safe

Liquidity pool tokens are locked for 12 months

Marketing tokens are locked for 3 months

All team tokens are locked for 3 months


the process of our babyada adventure

Eyes Open

Q3 2021

Sit up

Q3 2021 - Q4 2021


Q4 2021 - Q2 2022


2022 and beyond
Q3 2021

Eyes Open

Eyes Open

️ ️Baby ADA is born

️ Website launched

️ PooCoin Ads

️ Brand development

️ Socials created 

️Organic awareness campaign

️ 1000+ Telegram Members

️ 1000+ BabyADA Holders

Q3 2021 - Q4 2021

Sit up

Sit up ️

️ Influencers ️

️ Whitepaper released

️ BabyADA Dashboard (earnings tracking)

️ Website Revamp ️

️ Community Building

️ Massive ADA pay-outs

️ 2500+ Telegram Members

️ 2000+ BabyADA Holders

Q4 2021 - Q2 2022


️ Apply CoinMarketCap ️

️ Listed on CoinGecko ️

️ DEX Building Commence

Techrate Audit (in progress)

Influencer marketing push

Family Coins Launch

10000+ Telegram Members

5000+ BabyADA Holders

2022 and beyond


Baby ADA Swap

Baby ADA merch shop

Baby ADA Launch Pad

Building Rug-Proof Contract Auditor

Listings on major CEX

Massive influencer partnerships

20000+ Telegram Members

10000+ BabyADA Holders

… more to be announced

Where to find us

You can find us all over the web

Whitepaper & Audit


If you’re interested in what BabyADA is planning for the future of the project, download and read our whitepaper.

RugBusters Audit

RugBusters did a full holistic audit of the BabyADA contract to make sure it is safe and secure.